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Most of the couples who I marry are all for marriage equality and ask me to mention their opinion on marriage equality during their ceremony.

When you get married in Australia your celebrant has to say that “marriage, according to the law in Australia is the union of a man and a woman.”  If you do not agree with this law, you could ask your celebrant to speak out.

Here are a few examples of what you might choose to have your celebrant say…

1.  As requested by partner A and partner B, let’s take a moment to reflect on those couples who are not able to get married under current Australian law.  Our thoughts and love are with them and we hope that very soon they too will be able to commit to each other through marriage.

2.  Those are the legal words required to get married in Australia, but partner A and partner B have asked me to pause for a moment so that we can send our thoughts and prayers to those who are not able to marry under Australian law. We trust that this will change soon and that anyone in love, irrespective of their gender, will be able to make the commitment of marriage.

3. Partner A and partner B believe strongly in marriage equality and would like me to add that they believe any strong, loving and healthy relationship deserves to be recognised by the law and celebrated, irrespective of a couple’s gender.  After all, the gender of your partner is not what matters – what matters is that you love and are loved.  We look forward to the day when all couples have the opportunity to marry in Australia.

4. Having said the legal words, partner A and partner B would like me to read out their personal statement about marriage:

Partner A and partner B believe that marriage is a basic human right, not a privilege reserved only for straight couples.

Or …

Partner A and partner B believe that the right to marry should be available to all couples, irrespective of whether they are a man and woman, a man and man, or a woman and woman.

In a world which is fair and embracing of all people, any couple should be free to celebrate their love and commitment in the eyes of the law. Whilst this is not the case in Australia, partner A and partner B pray and believe that this will change soon.

If you are a same-sex couple and would like a commitment ceremony go here.


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