wedding celebrant

Photo credit: Alex Carlyle Photography

Sometimes there are things which couples wish they’d told their celebrant before their wedding ceremony. Look, some of these things may not matter to you at all, but they might.  So have a read and see what you think and if you there’s anything that’s important to you … communicate it to your celebrant, now.

What time do you want your celebrant to arrive?

I usually arrive 20-30 minutes before a wedding ceremony which I’ve officiating at.  So far all my couples have been happy with that, but if a couple asked me to arrive a bit earlier than that I would.  It’s a big day for you.  You want everything to run as soothly as possible, right?   And you may feel more relaxed once you’re celebrant’s there – after all, you can’t get married without one! So if you think you’ll be a bundle of nerves if you celebrant pitches up 20 minutes before starting time, ask them to come earlier!

What sort of clothes do you want your celebrant to wear?

It’s really nice when your celebrant dresses in accordance with the style and colour of your wedding ceremony.  They may ask you what you prefer them to wear, (I always do), but they may not, in which case you’ll need to ask them.  So, do you want them to come in a suit or do you prefer they dress more casually?  Is there a specific colour you’d like them in (or one really don’t want)?  Do you want your celebrant to dress in accordance with a certain theme? – Bollywood, English costume, strip club (I kid you not – I know a celebrant whose couple paid extra for her to wear ‘not-a-lot’ to their strip-club wedding!).  And lastly, if your celebrant’s much taller than you both, do you want her to wear flats?  The couple in the picture above asked me to wear flats because I’m much taller than them both, and I was really glad that they felt comfortable enough to ask.

Do you prefer your celebrant to be clean shaven?

I’m not talking about me!  But seriously, if you don’t want your celebrant to pitch up with a lot of facial hair you may have to tell them.  Some celebrants can mind-read, but not all.

Do you want your celebrant to stay for a bit at the end?

Don’t assume your celebrant will hang around at the end.  Most celebrants I know don’t, so if you want yours to, for whatever reason, you may have to let them know.

Do you want a photo of the two of you with your celebrant?

One of the main complaints I’ve heard from brides is that they wish they’d given a specific list of pics which they wanted taken to their photographer.  If you want a good picture of the two of you with your celebrant then let your celebrant and your photographer know.  Most of the pics with you and your celebrant which are taken during your ceremony are of the celebrant looking a bit weird because they’re doing most of the talking and pictures of people talking aren’t generally great.  You might want them to hang back a bit at the end or get a picture of the three of you after the signing of the legal documents towards the end of your ceremony.