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Photographer – Alex Carlyle

So you wanna get married in Australia?  Awesome!  Congratulations!  Australia is such a great country to get married in.  So, now you need to know what to do and how to make it happen.  Here are 7 easy steps you need to take to get to the point where you can get married in Australia …

1.  Make sure you’re not married to another person, that you’re over 18 years old and that the person you want to marry is not your brother or sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, child or grandparent! Phew.

2.  Propose to your partner!  (Or be proposed to by them and say YES!).

3.  Choose a date for your wedding and find a venue which you love that’s available on your day.  If you choose an outdoor venue make sure you have a backup venue in case the weather’s ghastly on the day.  And then check if the people who you most want to be there can make it on that day.  (Remembering that you can’t do it without a celebrant – so check with them too).  You also need to check that your 2 witnesses can be there (and make sure they’re over 18 years old and that they fully understand the language your ceremony’s going to be in).

4.  Fill out a Notice of Intended Marriage (also known as a NOIM) and sign it in front of someone who’s authorised to witness you signing it (usually your celebrant, but if your celebrant lives far away from you, you have other options).  You need to do this and give it to your celebrant no later than 1 month before your wedding date.  When you do this, you also need to show her/him your passport, your partner’s passport and pay a deposit.   By the way, you can fill out your NOIM as early as 18 months before your big day, but no more.  And if you don’t have a passport then you can show your celebrant your birth certificate and some photo id.  Just ask for more details.

6.  Celebrate that you’ve found a celebrant you like who’s available and work with them to make your wedding day awesome.  Remember, your ceremony is your ceremony and can be as different as you like, so long as you keep a few legal words in there.

7.  In the week before your wedding you need to meet up with your celebrant again to sign a legal document.  This document states that you’re not married to another person, over 18 years old, not in a prohibitive relationship (ie. you’re not related to your partner in any of the above-mentioned ways) and that there’s no other circumstance which would be a legal impediment to you getting hitched!  Usually, this signing coincides with your rehearsal (if you want one – and you don’t have to have one, especially if there’s just going to be you, your partner, your witnesses and a couples of mates).

Wow!  Now you’re there!  And now you can get married!  (Gee, that was easy).

If you want to get married in Australia and you’d like me to be your celebrant, contact me now and I’ll help make your wedding awesome.