wedding celebrant

Waiting with the groom for his bride to arrive

Couples often wonder when they should start looking for their celebrant.  Is a year in advance too soon or can they leave it till a month before their wedding day?

Well, to some extent the answer to that question really depends on you.  It depends on how much you want to have a celebrant who fits you well. Of course, if you don’t really care who your celebrant is then it doesn’t matter, you can find them a month before your wedding day, but a good celebrant can set the tone of your whole wedding day and make a huge difference to your experience of getting married.

If you want to have a celebrant of your choice – find him or her first and check that they’re available on the day you’re planning to get married on.  Simultaneously check that your venue’s available too.   If you don’t do this your celebrant may not be available on the day and time you want to get married.  

The other thing to keep in mind is that when you get married in Australia you have to fill out and give your celebrant a Notice Of Intended Marriage.  He/she has to receive this form from you no later than one month before your wedding and no sooner than 18 months.  Do bear in mind that some celebrants, especially the most popular ones, can book up more than a year in advance.  I had enquiry last week for a couple who want to get married in December 2016 – that’s almost 2 years away!  So, if you want to interview a few celebrants before choosing yours, it’s good to start doing that at least a few months before your wedding.

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