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Photo credit: Alex Carlyle Photography

Writing your own personal wedding vows to say to each other during your ceremony can be really hard. You sit down.  You stare at the screen.  And no matter now much you love the person, nothing’s coming to you.  Well, if that’s how it’s been then this post’s for you because here’s a really effective and fun format to use.  Instead of facing each other and taking turns to read all your vows to each other you could each read just one line at a time. Kind of like a conversation between you.  And you can make them as personal as you like. I’ve included an example for you below.  You can add to them, take from them, mix them up, whatever you prefer.  Make it you.  Some lines could be funny, some light-hearted, others more heartfelt and sincere.  Writing your personal wedding vows doesn’t have to be hard or stressful.  It can be fun.  Go!

GROOM: I vow to love you with all my heart

BRIDE: I vow to love you with all my soul

GROOM: to be your partner, friend and lover

BRIDE: to build a home with you and fill it with our children

GROOM: to support you in your goals and dreams

BRIDE: to be your confidant

GROOM: to stand up for you

BRIDE: to take deep breaths when I feel upset and choose kindness

GROOM: to be there when you laugh, and when you cry

BRIDE: to sing to you, often

GROOM: to make you laugh with my silly jokes

BRIDE: to be present with and to you

GROOM: to share myself with you

BRIDE: to let you help me when I’m struggling

GROOM: to help you when you’re struggling with technology!

BRIDE: to occasionally iron your clothes

GROOM: to cook for you

BRIDE: to wash up sometime before bedtime

GROOM: to support your spiritual growth

BRIDE: to support yours too

GROOM: to do my best to be the man you deserve

BRIDE: to do my best to be the woman you deserve



GROOM: take you (ENTER NAME) to be my wife

BRIDE: take you (ENTER NAME) to be my husband

GROOM: to be honest and caring

BRIDE: to be honest and caring

GROOM: in good times and in hard times

BRIDE: in good times and hard times

GROOM: I will love you and honor you

BRIDE: I will love you and honor you

GROOM: all the days of my life

BRIDE: all the days of my life