The Happiness Course

Meggan Brummer April 10, 2019 @ 2:50PM

The Happiness Course is for You If You’re: 

  • Ready for a significant positive shift in your life
  • In need of deep rest and heaps more energy
  • Open to feeling more connected to yourself and others and to what matters most
  • Wanting less noise in your head
  • Wanting more purpose in your life
  • Tired of worrying
  • Open to learning how to be even happier

Once you’ve done the Happiness Program you qualify to attend our donation-based weekly breathing follow-up sessions in 3000 cities.

YOUTUBE:  Hear what other people have to say about The Happiness Program

On the Happiness Course You Learn:

  • The Sudarshan kriya breathing technique, recognised by the World Health Organisation for it’s health benefits
  • Pranayamas (breathing practices)
  • Practical wisdom for living a healthy, happy life
  • How to manage your mind and emotions
  • How to make a difference on the planet

What Is the Happiness 

The Happiness Course is a …

  • 3 session, in-person, immersive course, spread over 3 consecutive days
  • unique opportunity to focus on you and your health and happiness
  • a unique and precious gift that will improve your life
  • course that’s taught in 3000 cities (155 countries) which has benefitted millions of people

When Is The Next Happiness Course?

Happiness Courses run all over Sydney.  I teach them mainly in Mosman, Lane Cove and Mona Vale.  You can register for an upcoming course here.

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