Your Baby's Naming Ceremony

Baby Namings

A baby naming ceremony, sometimes called a naming day, is an awesome way to bring your family and friends together to honour and celebrate your child.  It’s a unique way of declaring your hopes and dreams for their future and affirming what you, as a family unit, believe and value most.  It is also a unique way of having those you love feel involved and to offer their support in your child’s journey through life.

I’d love to help you plan and create a baby naming ceremony that’s just perfect for your child!

5 easy steps

  • We make a time to meet on facetime.
  • During our chat you fire as many questions at me as you like.
  • You book me for your child’s naming ceremony by paying a deposit.
  • We create together a wonderful baby naming ceremony, that you and your family will want to remember for years.
  • I deliver an AWESOME naming ceremony for you and your child.

What else is included? 

  • As much email or telephone contact with me as you want.
  • Great ideas, plus all the support and advice you need.
  • A baby naming starter pack with samples of various baby naming ceremonies, readings, etc.
  • An awesome naming ceremony for your child, written by a professional, internationally published writer!
  • My travel on the day (unless your venue is more than 80km return from Mosman, Sydney).
  • Delivery of a totally unique, personalised baby naming ceremony.
  • The use of my top quality Bose Speaker and Sennheiser mic to make sure every word is heard.
  • An album with your child’s naming ceremony – a great memento you can give them once they’ve stopped chewing everything!


How long does the baby naming ceremony last?
A baby naming ceremony usually takes up to 30 minutes, depending on what you decide to include.
Do we get a Certificate?

If you’d like one, yes. A certificate is typically signed at the end of the baby ceremony by the parents, supporting adults and the celebrant.


Is a Naming Ceremony only for babies?

No. Children of any age can have a Naming Ceremony.


Can my friend or relative have her children named at the same ceremony?

Your family or friends can hold a naming ceremony created just for them at the same venue and on the same day as your child’s naming ceremony, but not at the same time as yours.


Can we hold a Naming Ceremony when we get married?

Yes. The naming ceremony can be conducted either before or after your wedding ceremony. 

Where Are Naming Ceremonies Held?

A naming ceremony can be held anywhere that you and your celebrant feel is appropriate. It’s usually held at a home, park or hired venue. 


Do The Parents of the Child Need to be Married?


Can we organise a Naming Ceremony at short notice?

Yes, but if you want a personalised naming ceremony we’d usually need about a week to co-create it, so it’s best if you book me as soon as you’ve set the date.


Do Naming Ceremonies have legal status?

No.  A naming ceremony is simply a public gesture of your love and commitment to your child. 


Do Naming Ceremonies have religious content?

Up to you. 

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