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Internationally Published Writer…

Storytelling Celebrant, Wife, Mum, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, lifelong learner, eternal optimist…
and cheerleader for personal growth.

Hi, I’m Meggan. I’m a yoga-loving, talented storytelling wedding celebrant. And I’m here to make sure your ceremony’s filled with captivating, punchy stories that leave your guests no choice but to give their undivided attention to every word I say.

I know you want your wedding ceremony to be light-hearted yet sincere, classy but also fun.

You want it to be so good you don’t want it to end. And I’m here to make that happen for you.

With me, your ceremony will be peppered with laughter and tears, full of love and warmth, and a touch of sophistication.

Meggan Brummer Sydney Marriage Celebrant Internationally Published Writer

“Meggan is truly fantastic. A sentiment that several of our guests shared – the best celebrant they had seen. We really couldn’t agree more. Her story telling and delivery were beautiful.”

Callum Reid

You want a unique wedding ceremony

Meggan Brummer Sydney Marriage Celebrant A Unique Wedding Ceremony
If you’re like most of my couples you appreciate the finer things in life.  You think outside the box.  You value quality over quantity.  You value professionalism, connection, kindness & equality.

You love and appreciate the magic of words.

And you want a unique wedding ceremony – filled with the magic of authentic, captivating storytelling, to wow your guests and leave a lasting impression.

“Our love story she wrote was truly a treasure. She encapsulated the essence of all the fantastic moments of our journey as a couple, from the first time we met, to how we ended up here today.”

Mimi Chung

About me

I grew up on a farm in Africa.

When I was 10 days old I was adopted and taken to a sugarcane and cotton farm in Zimbabwe. I had a great childhood. I remember running down cotton bales in the hot sun, riding the combine harvester, eating sweet juicy mangos in the pool.

At four I did my first yoga class in the local squash court at the country club. I LOVED it.

And when I got to boarding school at 6 and couldn’t do yoga, I took up gymnastics and was invited to join the Olympic Gymnastics Training Team. I’d found my new love.

Meggan Brummer Sydney Marriage Celebrant Internationally Published Writer
Meggan Brummer-Sydney Marriage Celebrant Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

20 years later, after studying Drama and Psychology at university, I moved to London to look for theatre work, working part-time in the corporate world.

Fed up with having no real direction in my life, I quit my job, broke up with my boyfriend and bought a one-year ticket around the world. I felt hopeful. I wanted to find a way to live my life with purpose and meaning.

On my adventures, I spent 9 incredible months in India, and became a Yoga Teacher in Varanasi, The City Of Light. 


My first paid writing job

When I got home to Zimbabwe, I wrote a story about it. The editor of the newspaper loved it so much that he offered me my first paid writing job as a columnist. I was beyond excited.

When I was little, I started keeping a diary. Finally my passion for words was becoming my work.

I became an internationally published writer.

From that first writing job, my writing career took off and I quickly blossomed into an internationally published writer.  I loved writing about health, meditation, yoga, the Dalai Lama, anything uplifting and inspiring.

When I moved to Australia, my articles began getting published in health and travel magazines all over the world.

I became a regular contributor for Wellbeing Magazine and got published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Award Winning Celebrant Meggan Brummer
Meggan Brummer Sydney Marriage Celebrant How I started

Marriage Celebrant…

And one day, I pitched an article to Wellbeing Magazine called, “Dying Gracefully,” they loved it.

For research, I interviewed a celebrant and a man who plays the harp for people as they’re dying.

I knew I’d stumbled upon something I was meant to do with my life. It was such a lightbulb moment.

I immediately trained to be a funeral celebrant. And then a marriage celebrant.

I was so excited. So many of my skills were being pulled together all for this new role: writer, public speaker, yoga and meditation teacher.


Fell in love with writing love stories

I continued writing stories, but now they were people’s love stories…

  • Stories about how people fell in love and got married …
  • Stories to honour their loved ones lives when they died …
  • Stories to welcome their babies into the world.

And it’s one of the things my clients love most…

That I’m a yoga-loving, internationally published writer and talented storytelling celebrant who brings meaning, warmth and calm to their once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

One day my hubby said to me, “How often does a couple get to have their love story written by an internationally published writer?”

And in that moment I fully realised how wonderful, special and unique it is – to have your precious, unique love story immortalised.

Meggan-Brummer-Sydney Marriage Celebrant Love Stories

“Meggan was fantastic, from our first zoom chat she completely understood the vibe we were going for and offered suggestions and ideas to help make our day a special experience.”

Claire King

My gift to you and the generations that follow

Keepsake Book

When I write your story and hand it to you in a book at the end of your ceremony, I feel I’m giving you something incredibly special that goes beyond the day.

Something not just for you, but to pass on to the generations that follow.  Your legacy.

I picture the book of your story sitting on your kid’s bookshelf next to Bluey & Winnie the Poo.  At night your kid squeels, “Pleeease mummy, please read me your love story!” I imagine your grandchildren having your story read to them by your children.

And that’s why I do what I do…

Because it’s my way of bringing more depth, love and meaning to people’s lives. I believe that a life with meaning is a much more happy, fulfilling life.  I believe that if you want to improve the quality of your own life – make a difference to the lives of others.

“We couldn’t have been happier with Meggan’s work, she has great experience, wonderful writing skills and really knows how to tell your own story in a way that is deeply personal and engaging to your friends and family.”

Stephen Hider

7 Mistakes to Avoid at your
Luxury Wedding

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My other passion

One of my other main passions is volunteering as a teacher for a not-for-profit organisation called The Art of Living Foundation, founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

His incredible programs have brought happiness and peace to millions.  Through his courses people become empowered to take care of their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Teaching these courses is one of the most powerful ways for me to help create a world that’s stress-free and violent-fee, one we’re happy to leave behind for future generations.

Every day, without fail, I practice the sudarshan kriya breathing, yoga and sahaj samadhi meditation.  And every year I take time out to go to the Art of Living Ashram in Bangalore, India to unwind & recharge.

Taking care of myself is a major priority for me. It’s what enables me to bring my best self to my family, to others, and to you and your special event. By the time I reach your ceremony, I’ve done my daily meditation so that I’m fully present, energised yet calm.

Award Winning Celebrant Meggan Brummer

Giving back is important to me

These are the causes I support

A little more about me

Meggan Brummer Sydney Marriage Celebrant A Unique Wedding Ceremony
My role model is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and I can be found playing guitar and leading groups of people in Sanskrit chanting..

I’m passionate about decluttering and recycling, enjoy travel, change and adventure and relish relaxing in front of a fire or swimming in the ocean.

My hubby, son and I are known in our community for recovering lost treasures, including wedding rings, a Cartier watch, and (many) Apple watches from the bottom of the ocean!


Meggan Brummer Sydney Wedding Celebrant

Now it’s your turn…

Together we can create a ceremony you love to bits. It all starts with a conversation between you & me. That’s how we find out if we’re a good fit to work together. I’m excited to meet you.

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