Commitment Ceremonies

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What is a Commitment Ceremony?


A commitment ceremony is for any couple, whether of the same sex or opposite sex.  It can be as much like a wedding ceremony as you like, but without the legals.


A commitment ceremony is for you if …

  • you want to express your love for each other in a meaningful way but one or both of you don’t want to be legally married
  • you want all the fun, frills and ritual feeling of a wedding without the legal red tape
  • you want to commit to each other publicly
  • you’d love to get legally married but can’t because either you’re under18yrs or married to someone else
  • you want to include specific rituals in your ceremony that a certified marriage celebrant isn’t able to perform
  • you want to profess your love for one another without the hassle of complicated paperwork

Because there are no rules and no legal requirements to meet, commitment ceremonies can be

as fun, unique, elaborate or creative as you like.

With my skills as an Internationally Published Writer, I’ll …

  • create a commitment ceremony that reflects your uniqueness and everything important to you.
  • create a ceremony for you that fits with your personalities, who you are as a couple and your vision for the day.
  • I’ll write a ceremony for you which cannot be transferred to any other couple
  • I’ll make sure your ceremony is beautiful, unique and totally unforgettable and make it all easy, fun and stress-free for you!


7 easy steps to your awesome Commitment Ceremony:

  1. We make a time to chat, either by phone, over Facetime or in person
  2. During our chat you fire as many questions as you like at me
  3. You book me in for your date by paying a deposit (I support online payments)
  4. I send you your starter pack
  5. I write you a ‘to-live-for’ ceremony that your friends and family will comment on for years
  6. I deliver an AWESOME ceremony for you
  7. You live happily ever after


What’s included in my service?

  • An obligation free meeting either online or in person
  • A unique and unforgettable personalised ceremony that your mates and family will talk about for years
  • A comprehensive starter pack of ceremonies, personal vows, readings, etc
  • Unlimited professional guidance via phone or email
  • Professional Bose wireless PA system with wireless Sennheiser mic and Bluetooth connectivity
  • An commemorative album of your ceremony
  • Relaxed but professional vibe with lots of smiles, hugs and memories you’ll treasure forever


We feel lucky to have had Meggan as our Celebrant. She’s the perfect Celebrant. She was an absolute blessing, infusing our ceremony with so much joy and meaning. She listened carefully to our wishes and with a lot of thought and heart created the perfect ceremony. Those very special moments in our lives have become a treasured memory due to Meggan.

Julie and Mauricio, Curl Curl, Sydney

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