My Approach To Funerals

My Training

I did my training as a Funeral Celebrant in 2011 with Zenith Virago, an amazing woman who for 20 years has been “pioneering a return to a more natural, sustainable and holistic approach to dying, death, disposal and celebration.”   Right from the start, I resonated deeply with Zenith’s approach to death, dying and funerals and I feel incredibly privileged and honoured to have had her as my mentor.

My Approach

While I am not fixed in any specific belief or religious views on death and dying, I have been hugely inspired and influenced by the wisdom of peace advocate and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.  However, I like to remain open to various approaches and ideas around death and I very much enjoy and value the on-going discovery about the great mystery of death. Since training with Zenith, I have had the privilege of sharing various people’s journeys through death, supporting and guiding people in creating authentic and meaningful funeral ceremonies for their loved ones.  I am here to help you through the experience of death with care and compassion and to assist you in creating a meaningful funeral ceremony for your loved one.  You can choose whatever format you like for the ceremony, but I have a beautiful format which everyone I’ve shared with so far has loved.  Within that format you can be as creative as you like about what to include.  You have many beautiful options.  This is a large part of what we discuss in detail during our first meeting. Before contacting me, you may want to have a read over my FAQs page.

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