My Approach To Funerals

Meggan Brummer

My Approach


Every life is unique and has a unique story to be told.

As a Funeral Celebrant, it’s a huge privilege to be invited in and immersed in your family’s experience when your loved one dies.

And then it’s my responsibility to put together, with your input, a funeral ceremony authentic to that person, one that honours their wishes plus your needs … and provides an opportunity for you to express and feel your way through a very challenging time.

Every family is different. And my role is to support and guide yours through this time with skill, love and care.


What We Do Once You Contact Me


1. We make a time to meet up – usually at your home, and put the kettle on.   

2. We talk about your loved one, what was important to them, what they loved, etc, and I take notes.

3. I listen to what’s important to you, share ideas with you and using my skills as a professional writer, I put together a funeral ceremony that’s unique and meaningful.  The funeral ceremony could be a combination of story-telling, music, visual media and ritual – whatever feels right for you. 

4. I connect with other significant family members who may wish to contribute and I co-ordinate with those are writing and reading something for the eulogy. 

5. I put you in touch with other trusted people who can help you with planning the funeral. 

5. I guide and support you through the entire process with gentle care and compassion. 


My Funeral Training

I trained as a Funeral Celebrant in 2011 with Zenith Virago, a woman who has “pioneered a return to a more natural, sustainable and holistic approach to dying, death, disposal and celebration.”  

I resonate with Zenith’s approach and feel privileged to have had her as my mentor.


Other Influences

I’ve been hugely inspired and influenced by my journey as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher and the wisdom of my own teacher, world-renowned peace advocate and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

I am also a professional writer, a musician and a mum. 


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