Now everyone can celebrate with you, even if they’re unable to be there in person.

I’m delighted to have a brand new service to offer you.  Now you can live-stream your wedding ceremony to those who are unable to be with you in person during covid times.  And, appreciating that planning a wedding during these strange times is a little bit more challenging, I’m currently offering this additional service for Free on all ‘Personalised’ and ‘Luxury’ ceremony packages!

Tell me more…

I will provide you with the link to the online event ahead of your big day for you to share with your online guests.  This URL is not public, so only your intended guests can join the event.

This sweet little camera (just 3 inches tall), has a 4-hour battery life, no chords and sits atop a small stand a few feet away from us.  So it’s unobtrusive and won’t obscure your guest’s view.

It’s controlled via a phone app by me (I pretty much just press start and let it run), so there’s no distracting camera operator moving about in front of your nearest and dearest.

The live feed is streamed to the supplied link via my phone’s 4G.  I’ve not encountered many service blackspots around Sydney, but if the internet service at your location is weak, or even non-existent, the camera additionlly directly captures a HD recording, which I share with you afterwards.

Weddings planning during COVID-19

I have written a separate post here with the latest regulations for NSW and advice on planning your wedding during the current pandemic.

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