So you’re deeply in love with one another, the plans for your wedding day are coming along nicely, then out of left field, your Celebrant brings up ‘Relationship Services’ with you.  What Gives?  Do they think there’s something amiss with your relationship?

Lets clear that up right away – Your Celebrant would never presume there is anything amiss with your relationship.  As a professional celebrant, these services are actually something we’re obligated to inform you about under our code of practice.

A common misconception is that ‘Relationship Services’ are about addressing existing ‘problems’.  They’re not.  That would be ‘Counselling Services’.  Relationship Services, on the other hand, are educational programs that equip you with skills that can assist you to have a strong, healthy and happy marriage.  In other words, preventing problems before they might arise. 

It is of course, entirely up to you whether you decide to pursue one of these programs in advance of your wedding.  It’s also worth noting these programs are typically completed in just one or two sessions and the provider may also offer them via phone or skype.

Other Relationship Services Resources

Another resource that all Celebrants will provide you with that also touches on this is the Happily Ever Before And After booklet produced by Family Relationships Online, a Government initiative.  Family Relationships Online provide all families with access to a wide range of information about various family relationship matters.

Sydney Relationship Service Providers

If you decide to invest in one of these programs, below are a few of the local Sydney providers.

Meggan Brummer

Author: Meggan Brummer

Meggan is a full-time, authorised Marriage Celebrant based in Sydney, Australia.
Her work as a celebrant is supported by her background in writing, theatre, and singing.